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Student stories

Becoming a frontend developer from a bakery - Student story
Becoming a frontend developer from a bakery - Student story
From agricultural engineer to sitebuilder - Student story
From agricultural engineer to sitebuilder - Student story
I needed some peace and quiet - Student story
I needed some peace and quiet - Student story

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CodeBerry offers programming courses in 8 languages and has students from 15 countries around the world.


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With HTML5, you can create content on web pages and define which pictures and text you want to appear on your site. In the introductory course, we'll teach you the basics of HTML5 and show you how to build a simple website with basic content, such as titles, text, pictures, links, and tables. In the advanced course, you'll learn how to use additional HTML5 elements like buttons, positioning, and canvases to create graphic visuals.



CSS3 allows you to change the appearance of websites. In our CSS3 courses, you'll modify the elements that you created earlier in HTML5. The introductory course will teach you the basics of CSS3, such as altering certain aspects of a website like titles, text, images, and links. We'll also play around with the color, size, font, and alignment of these elements. More advanced features of CSS3 like visibility, positioning-related settings, frames, margins, and animations will be included in later courses.



JavaScript allows you to create interactive web pages (e.g. you can change a part of a page by pressing a button) and build logic (e.g. a program that can draw). JavaScript is one of the world's most popular programming languages. In the introductory course, we'll show you the basics of JavaScript, such as variables, cycles, and functions. Later, you'll discover other elements of the JavaScript language, as well as libraries and frameworks.



With Node.js, you can create complex web pages that not only run in a browser but also take action on a server. In our introductory Node.js course, you'll learn how to create the environment needed for Node.js programming and discover how to write a simple client-server program.



By using Git, you can save and share all of your completed codes. Our Git course will teach you everything you need to know about version control and introduce you to the necessary tools required to start building a programming portfolio. That way, you'll be able to upload your programs to GitHub and showcase your talent and hard work to the world.



The Bootstrap framework offers ready-to-use solutions that make the process of creating a website faster and simpler, such as a grid system to position web elements and a collection of frequently used web components. During the course, you’ll learn how to use the grid system and how to create responsive pages, buttons, tables, and predefined styles.


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Frequently asked questions

Your monthly subscription gives you full access to all of our self-developed learning materials. Each chapter (or project) takes about 1–5 hours to complete and finishing all of them will take you approximately 100 hours. We aim to upload new projects every two weeks.
You get access to the full course if you subscribe. Nothing is locked; you can jump around the material freely as you wish.
No, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just send us an email at hello@codeberryschool.com.
Instead of charging a fixed price, we offer monthly subscriptions that give you full access to all of our materials. You don’t have to make any commitments and you can cancel your subscription at any time. You can always re-subscribe and pick up exactly where you left off—whenever you like.
Yes, we’ll gladly issue you a certificate at the end of the course that affirms your newly acquired skills. However, this paper won’t be state accredited because the accreditation process requires teaching the same static material over and over again. That wouldn’t make much sense in the dynamically changing world of web development.
Yes. This is a trend that we've observed during our market research and interviews with recruiters. In our experience, a Computer Science degree is no longer a requirement for employment, as companies have started recognizing the importance of actual practical knowledge. Check out our interviews with former students to see for yourself: CodeBerry Blog
When you feel like you’re ready to begin your career, just let us know. We’ll test your knowledge and inform you if you still need some more practice on certain topics. If we think you're ready to continue, we’ll help you build your portfolio, prepare you for interviews, and assist you in finding job openings.
After subscribing to the Mentor Pack, we’ll provide you with​ a mentor who will:
  • check in with you on Mondays and Fridays to see how you’re progressing
  • help you when you’re stuck or have a question
  • review your submissions and give you tips on how to improve your code (optional)
There are no fixed hours dedicated to consultancy. You can ask questions via the Slack chat app and receive a response as soon as the mentor logs in. According to our official policy, we answer within 24 hours. However, we usually get back to you much faster than that.
To facilitate communication between students and mentors, we use a software called Slack. It's free to use and is available from your browser. You'll also be able to talk with fellow students using the app.
Most of the time, you’ll be using your browser. You'll receive tasks and materials through an online platform and you’ll use this website to submit your work too. If you ever need help, you can also use a chat application called Slack to reach other students (or your mentor if you’ve subscribed to the Mentor Pack).
There’s no minimum level of education required to take part in the course. If you already have basic computer skills, such as searching the internet or using a word processor, you’re ready to learn to program.
We would advise you to give yourself a week or two to find out if you enjoy programming. If yes, there's nothing to stop you. If not, you can reclaim your money and look for something that suits you better.
There is no deadline; you can enroll at any time. The course allows you to learn at your own pace, so you can start whenever you want.
There’s no age limit to join CodeBery; our youngest student is 11 and our oldest is 73 years old! Feel free to join our community—regardless of your age.
First of all, you’ll need a web browser. Later in the course, you’ll also need a text editor (a specialized app for web development). Neither of these tools requires any extra money or high-end technology—nor does programming in general. A modern laptop or PC should do just fine, regardless of the operating system. You can take our course on Windows, macOS, or even Linux.
Yes, it is. The price you sign up with is the price you will always pay, even if you pause your subscription. And we have a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.
If you pay by card or PayPal, you will get access to the materials immediately. If you choose the direct transfer option, it can take up to 24 hours on weekdays due to bank processing times.
There could be two possible reasons for this: 1. You chose the direct transfer option and your payment hasn't arrived yet. It can take 1 business day for banks to process transfers. 2. You tried to log in using a different email address than the one you used for payment. If you log in using the same address that you paid with, you should have access to the materials. If you continue to experience issues, contact us at hello@codeberryschool.com and we'll fix it.

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