Beginner’s Guide to C++ programming

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Are you already familiar with C++ programming? In CodeBerry Programming School’s “Programming languages” series, we’ll be answering questions you may have regarding what programming language to choose, how much money you’ll be making, what you can do as a web programmer, and where to start.

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Beginner’s Guide

Uses for C++

With C++, you can create all kinds of cool things, such as AAA video games, powerful desktop applications, and mobile apps. As a low-level language, C++ is harder to understand but gives you more control over the hardware. Some even say that C++ programming helps you “get closer to the metal”. This is what makes it the perfect choice for developing video games for consoles. 

You can also use C++ in systems programming, embedded systems, and back-end web development. C++ programming is great for creating or tweaking operating systems and device drivers. 


What Is C++?

C++ is a general-purpose programming language that builds upon the basics of C, one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. Over the years, C has been gradually replaced by modern improvements upon the language, such as C++ and C#. 

C++ was first invented in 1985 by Bjarne Stroustrup, who wanted a faster, more powerful version of the C programming language (created in 1972). Although it contains much of C’s syntax, C++ added new features, such as classes, which makes it capable of object-oriented programming.

In the C programming language, “++” increases the value of a numeric variable (i.e. 1 would become 2). Bjarne added this to the name of C++ to communicate that this new language was a more advanced, evolved version of C.    

Currently, C++ holds the place of its predecessor as one of the most popular programming languages today. 

What Is Programming in C++ Like?

Here’s what the basics of C++ programming look like using the “Hello World” example:

#include <iostream>
int main()
  std::cout << "Hello, world!\n";

How Much Do C++ Programmers Make?

According to data from, C++ developers in the United States, who have worked in their positions for 1-3 years, make an average of $116,115 per year, which is $9676.25 per month before taxes. This, of course, includes many salaries from expensive areas such as San Francisco and New York where salaries are inflated for the cost of living.


How Do I Learn C++?

C++ programming is known as a rather complex and difficult-to-learn language. For this reason, many programmers choose to start by learning HTML, CSS, and a programming language like JavaScript. That way, they can start their coding career in Web Development and learn C++ along the way while they’re already making money and gaining programming experience. 

C++ programming helps you “get closer to the metal”
C++ programming helps you “get closer to the metal”

If you’d like to take the challenge to learn C++, there are a few steps you’ll want to take:

The first step is to enrol in a Computer Science program at your local university. As a low-level programming language, you’ll want to know most of the underlying concepts of computer programming before starting C++. 

However, you’ll also have to spend plenty of time outside the classroom, since a Computer Science program is more often focused on teaching you concepts rather than skills. 

Therefore, the second step to learning C++ programming is finding good print and digital resources you can study in your free time. There are plenty of books and manuals available out there that can teach you how to program in C++, as well as online classes and tutorials. Because C++ has been around for such a long time, you might even find some good books on programming C++ at your local library.

The third step is to seek out online communities, forums, and message boards where you can get help from more experienced C++ programmers. Continue to practice and ask the community whenever you get stuck and can’t figure out a solution yourself. Websites like have forums where users actively discuss related topics and answer questions.

How Long Does it Take to Learn C++ programming?

The amount of time it takes to learn a programming language depends on the methods you use, your learning retention, and how many hours you invest per week. You can’t expect to know everything about C++ programming after taking a semester-long course at your local university or a 14-week program at a coding bootcamp. 

If you already have a background in C programming, you can probably expect to spend about 3 or 4 months learning the additional features of C++. However, if you’re starting from scratch with this language, you will probably spend over 6 months to learn it at the most basic level. 

To learn C++ at a high enough level to get a C++ programming job would most likely take you 3-4 years. Unfortunately, even C++ programmers with decades of experience still regard it as one of the most difficult languages to write. 


Is C++ Right for Me?

To determine if a programming language is right for you, you first need to figure out how it lines up with your long-term goals. 

Learning C++ programming isn’t for the faint of heart. It will undoubtedly take you years of study and practice. So, you should definitely be sure of your decision before embarking upon this long journey. 

Since you probably won’t be able to learn C++ without any previous background in programming, we recommend beginners start with more basic languages like HTML, CSS, and, JavaScript.

To learn if C++ programming is a good fit for you, please check out our article, “Which Programming Language is Right for Me?”. There, you’ll learn about a variety of other programming languages and what you can do with them.


In CodeBerry Programming School’s “Beginner’s Guide” series, we’ll be answering questions you may have regarding what programming language to choose, how much money you’ll be making, what you can do as a web programmer, and where to start.

Beginner’s Guide

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