We gave out one of our confidential Trello boards to our users. This is what happened.

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How we made the CodeBerry feedback system completely transparent.

We came up with an idea the other day: Why not set the Trello board we use to track and solve customer feedback to public? So we did. In fact, we then shared the link with our students and asked them to use it like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s why.

Tuned for feedback

One of our main principles when creating CodeBerry Programming School was to always rely on customer feedback for two reasons:

  1. Firstly, everyone, makes mistakes — we do too — and we would like to fix them fast;
  2. Secondly, we aim to create a product that our customers actually want to use.

The fastest way to both of our goals is via feedback. We were working hard to let our users be heard easily. That’s why:

  • We sent surveys to all of them;
  • Encouraged them to send feedback to their mentors; and last but not least
  • We created a #meta channel on CodeBerry Slack where anyone can report their errors or send their development ideas regarding the school.

The Slack #meta channel of Codeberry

The #meta channel on CodeBerry Slack

The missing link

It turned out the opportunity to send feedback wasn’t enough. We noticed that people wanted to know what happened to their thoughts after they have shared them. The easiest solution was to set the board our developers use to track error reports and suggestions to public.

Our (finally) public Trello board

Our (finally) public Trello board

Before, feedback was like a black box where people just popped their ideas in but had no idea what happened to them. Now, the whole process is transparent to everyone.

Our students still write to their mentors or send messages to the #meta channel, but that’s not where the story ends. The card made from their feedback gets pinned to the public board where the students can see what’s happening to their message and track the process of solving the problem or integrating their idea.

We’ve waved goodbye to the black box. There are no more unheard words.

We build it together

Feedback is one of the best things a young business (like ours) can receive from their customers. With this new system, we would like to emphasize this thought further.

In CodeBerry Programming School’s “Basics of Programming” series, we discuss programming-related topics and everything you need to know to get started. Stay tuned for new articles and find the answer to every “what”, “why”, and “how”, you may have had about coding!

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