Hi there! We are the CodeBerry team and we’re building an online, international programming school, so everyone can learn to code.

We are looking for two Web Developers who like to teach and who will join us to develop new HTML, CSS, and JavaScript courses for our students.

Who you are

You’re a kick-ass Web Developer with an affinity for teaching.

As part of our team, you will:

  • conduct research based on detailed learning objectives.
  • collect high-quality, third-party resources that explain theoretical concepts.
  • create lessons and practice assignments that serve the learning objectives and incorporate third-party resources.
  • work in English, mainly with Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Your role will be a mix of a student, a researcher, and a teacher. Learn concepts quickly, then make it easy for our students to learn them as well.


We’re looking for you if you:

  • have at least an intermediate level of programming knowledge, preferably JavaScript. (But, you don’t have to be a programmer to apply!)
  • are okay with learning about programming. A lot, and in a relatively short time-frame.
  • are good at internet research. You’ll be spending a lot of time looking up concepts and searching for good resources on the web.
  • have a good command of written English. We are a multicultural and multilingual team and we communicate mostly in long-form writing.
  • are close to the CET time zone, in a +/- 2 hours range.  
  • are a Manager of One. We are looking for smart, independent people who can manage their own time and care about the quality of their work.
  • can roll with the punches. We are a startup, things change a lot and quickly. We will need you to keep up with us as we experiment and grow together.

If you love learning and teaching, and you can code on an intermediate level, give yourself a shot. We might be the perfect fit for each other.


What we offer

Full-time position

Come, work with us full-time, in a great team.

Work where you want

We are a fully remote company which means we don’t have an office. We all work from our homes, cafés, beaches, etc. from 8+ countries. All you need is a decent laptop and a good internet connection to join us.

Flexible schedule

We don’t have strict office hours; everyone works on a flexible, self-directed schedule.

Start immediately

If you pass our hiring rounds, you can start the next day.

How to apply for the position

Please fill out this form in English. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Tell us why you’d make an excellent fit for our team. 

We’re accepting applications until Friday, March 27th. We’ll let you know once we’ve received your application, and we’ll tell you our decision as well, whatever the outcome. Please be patient, though; it can take a day or two to get to your submission.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Learn to code and change your career!





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