How to download Python?

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How to download Python?

In this article, we’re going to download and install Python and a code editor so that we can get to the point of learning.



It is recommended to download python from the official website as opposed to the windows store, although you can do it if you want.

Navigate to the download page by clicking the “Downloads” which is second in the navigation bar.



By default, the downloads page will ask you to download the latest version of python which at this current time is 3.9.5. To proceed click the button “Download Python 3.9.5” and the download will start automatically.



Installing Python

To install python navigate to the location of the file we have just downloaded and open it. There’s one thing that’s going to be particularly important when you install. We’ll look at that in a moment. The installation window opens, when we open the file and asks us if we want to install or customize it. We need to make sure that the check box that reads “Add Python  3.9 to PATH” is checked. We can now click “Install Now” in order to proceed. As shown below.



At the end of the installation we should get a page letting us know that the setup was successful, we have now installed python successfully!


Installing a Code Editor

If we search in the windows system by typing IDLE we will get an interactive terminal shell that is automatically installed alongside python. While we can go ahead and use this to type in our code we don’t actually want to write proper code into this.

If you’re a new developer or you’re not sure we recommend installing VS Code. It’s free, it’s powerful. It works extremely well with python. It’s all very seamless and is very customizable and simple to use.

To install VS Code just search for VS Code in the search bar and click the download for windows button as shown below.



Navigate to the .exe file and open it and go through the installation as normal. And there’s nothing we really need to change here. The add to path checkbox is already ticked, which is fine. Just click next through all the windows and finally click install.


Download Python in VS Code

There’s a couple of things, that we need to install here to start with to make it work with python. And if you look underneath the popular one the first one is the python extension.



If it’s not there for us we can search for it and we should install the first one with 33 a half-million downloads and this is what we need to run python in VS Code. Click on it and hit the install button.

Now after installing the python extension using the file selector at the top left corner create a new file. We need to save this file into the hard drive and name it We need to do this since we need to open something with VS Code in order to activate the python extension that we have just downloaded

If we had a python file already we could just open that and this would do exactly the same thing. 


How to download Python?


The python extension has opened here just giving us what we need to do. And if we look down at the bottom, it says select python interpreter, I’m going to click on that and we can see that we have the option of python 3.9.5 which is what we just downloaded and installed. If we click on that we can see that it is activated.



We have now installed python, a VS Code as the code editor and a python extension.


This is how to download python



This is how to download Python. If you’d like to see more programming tutorials, check out our Youtube channel, where we have plenty of Python video tutorials in English.

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