Top 5 Reasons Why People Learn to Code

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Why People Learn to Code?

We were very interested to know what motivates people to learn programming, and what kind of ambition and curiosity they bring to CodeBerry to learn the basics of programming.

So we asked our students why they wanted to learn programming. We received a wide range of different answers, and it was fascinating to read about people’s life situations and motivations for deciding to learn programming.

In this article, we will share with you the most frequently given answers and show you the picture that emerges from the many, many thoughts shared by thousands of respondents.

The question and the answers

At the end of each course, we share a survey with our students, asking them what they were satisfied with, what changes they would like to see, and how we could improve CodeBerry’s courses. In this survey we also included the question “Why do you want to learn programming?”

You can browse the answers yourself. In this table you will find the data we have built this article on. And if you are interested in a summary of the results, read the article.


Why do people learn to code?


Top 5 Reasons Why People Learn Programming

Career Change – Better Pay, Flexible Work as a Programmer

One of the biggest motivators for learning programming is that many people see it as a new career opportunity. Some people have an explicit goal of a career change, others see it more as a possible scenario.

Many see programming as a career opportunity that would allow them to progress, earn a better salary than they currently do, work flexible hours or work from home. The latter is particularly important for those who want to learn a new profession with young children, as the learning itself and the subsequent work can be done online, remotely.

The most frequently used keywords are:

  • secure income/ higher salary
  • predictable work
  • flexible working hours
  • while raising children
  • work from home


Programming is an exciting field where creative things can be done. It’s a world that’s a bit mysterious, but at the same time logical and predictable, and it can be learned. It opens up new paths, you can create, you can put plans into action, and the results are visible and usable.

Many people are driven by curiosity to gain insight into programming languages and the sea of possibilities that programming offers.

The most frequently used keywords are:

  • logical system
  • creative
  • I like working with computers
  • it is entertaining
  • I’m interested in robotics
  • I want to understand the technology around me

Hobby, Brain Exercise, Implementing Ideas

The third most common reason given by our students is that they see coding as a hobby. They are interested in implementing new ideas, building websites, and learning about the processes behind the programs.

Many of them wrote in their answers that they enjoy debugging and that they want to develop the mindset that programming requires because they like it. They see it as a kind of brain exercise and enjoy new challenges.

The most frequently used keywords are:

  • as a game
  • website development
  • brain exercise
  • it makes me feel good
  • finding connections


learn to code


Supplementing Current Work With Programming

Some of our students could use the programming skills in their current jobs, speeding up and automating certain processes. Some could use HTML, others are thinking about Java or are interested in a programming language for a specific field, but they are learning the basics at CodeBerry.

Some can even imagine making websites or programming apps as a supplementary income or a side job.

The most frequently used keywords are:

  • supplementary income
  • part-time
  • automating tasks
  • website development
  • is in line with my current business
  • I work with developers and want to get a better understanding of the process

Programming is the future

Many people start learning because they see computer programming as one of the most future-proof skills. They see technological progress as moving in a direction where everyone should know the basics of programming, the basic logic of programs.

The older generation is also feeling this kind of change, and in order to keep up with the younger generation, they feel it is necessary to learn the basics of a popular programming language and through this get a taste of coding.

The most frequently used keywords are:

  • self-development
  • profession of the future
  • young people have passed me by
  • adapt to technological developments
  • everything is done by programming


learn to code


Other interesting facts

  • Some of our students wrote that they want to learn the basics of programming for their child(ren), because young people are already familiar with this field and parents want to understand (one of) the programming languages.
  • Some people want to create websites for people they know, like a hobby band or someone who sells handcrafted products. 
  • Some of our students want to “brush up” on their old skills, to learn a modern programming language that is still popular today. Some of them have worked in IT, some have programmed machines, some are familiar with PLC programming, and some have worked in C or Pascal.
  • A recurring response to our question about why our students want to learn programming was that many of them have been interested in computing and computer science since childhood. “I’ve always been into computers”, “Even as a child I was interested in how computers worked”, say several. That’s why they decided to take the plunge and learn the language they could finally use to communicate with machines. 


Overall, it was characteristic of our students that they see programming as an opportunity for development. Many also expressed a desire for the opportunity for advancement, professional development and skills development by learning to program.

Many would switch to programming in the hope of a better job, better financial opportunities, more predictable working conditions, remote working and professional prestige.

Basics of Programming

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