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What are the most popular programming languages?

The world of technology is ever-changing, so the list of the most popular programming languages changes too:

  • There are languages that seem like they can never be removed from the top 10 (e.g., Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL). 
  • However, we noticed some trends in popularity—some technologies are used less and less (e.g., PHP) while others are used more widely (e.g., JavaScript).
  • They are also always creating new languages and technologies to solve the tasks of a particular area even more efficiently (e.g., R).
  • The ones higher on the list of the most popular programming languages are general-purpose languages with a long history (like Java), but there are newer ones on the top 10 list as well, that have been developed for more special purposes (like R and MATLAB).


The most popular programming languages nowadays

The most popular programming languages nowadays


In this article, we based our list on the following:

  • Summaries of international trends: Go Courses,,, Stackoverflow Developer Survey
  • We also looked at job-posting websites to see how many ads contain the programming languages below. In our article, we used the numbers of the website Indeed, since that is a meta job-posting site, meaning they compile the jobs from many other job sites. The numbers were accurate during the writing of this article, but job offers always change somewhat, of course.



“Write Once, Run Anywhere”. This is what gives Java its popularity since programs written in this language can be run on any compatible device without recompiling them if Java has been installed. It is a general-purpose language that has versatile uses, like website development, or creating mobile and desktop applications. There are other Java versions available for corporate servers and other business applications.

We also have to mention that Android is Java-based, there are many Java applications for Windows, and the corporate world and back-end programming also build heavily on this language, adding to the wide variety of job options.


There were 1038 Java-based programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.

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This is an easily readable, general-purpose language with an easy syntax. We can recommend this to beginners as well since Python is one of the most suitable programming languages to start learning the basics of programming. It stands on or near the top of the lists of the most popular, the most well-liked by programmers, and the easiest to learn programming languages, and has been on top for years now.

Machine learning and AI development are the fastest developing areas of use for Python. It is also the most often used language in data science, but it isn’t unknown in the world of web programming and game development either.


There were 740 Python programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.

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This is mostly a language of websites. It is used primarily for front-end development, as this language makes most websites more interactive and dynamic, but it is starting to gain popularity on the server-side as well, with the help of the software system Node.js.

All steps of web development, and prior to that, UI and UX design (meaning the creation of user-friendly, good-looking and modern websites) have a great value on the labour market—we always need web developers. You can’t go wrong with this knowledge.


There were 651 JavaScript programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article. 

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One step forward: TypeScript 

TypeScript is a scripting language created by Microsoft. The goal of developing it wasn’t the creation of another rival language, but making a tool that expands the possibilities of JavaScript so that we can do massive projects with it.


There were 172 programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article that requires TypeScript skills or lists them as an advantage.



With C#, we can create desktop, mobile, and web-based applications, and with the .NET framework makes it even easier to develop things for tools created by Microsoft and the Windows operating system. This framework has fused together with C# almost completely, they are usually mentioned together, and job offers generally require you to know the framework as well as the language.

There are other software development platforms for C#, e.g., Unity, which has been created for game development and has since become the engine for many known games.

C# can also be suitable for writing websites and web applications using the ASP.NET framework.

C# can be used independently from Microsoft—you can write software for Xbox, Android, macOS and many more platforms.


There were 434 C# programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.

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Frameworks and programming languages you should know

Frameworks and most popular programming languages you should know. Credit: Pixabay



Structured Query Language is the standard language for data management. In our data-centric world, databases that store and process huge amounts of data are indispensable parts of our tools and services’ background processes. Experts who can create and manage databases like this are in high demand.

Learning SQL is a worthy investment, and if you also have some other programming, data analysis, or data visualization skills, you can have a job basically anywhere since, as we have mentioned before, databases are needed everywhere.


There were 1300 programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article that requires SQL skills. 





This is a low-level, close-to-hardware programming language that is hard to read and it is the upgraded version of the widely used C language, which is the basis for many systems. Learning this language requires strong IT and mathematical skills.

This language usually isn’t recommended for beginners, but this article is about programming languages that can help you find a job, and C++ certainly is one.

It can be used to create and fine-tune operating systems, device drivers, video games, and even desktop and mobile apps.

If you are not a beginner, or if you are looking for long-term goals, C++ can be an amazing choice since C++ skills are valuable on the labour market. Corporations need highly-trained C++ developers who can complete especially complex and serious programming tasks.

This valuable knowledge is compensated with a high salary, and senior C++ developers are among the most well-paid programmers. As newer and newer programming languages start to appear that are easier to use, the number of C++ developers are decreasing, so you are almost guaranteed a job if you are capable of working professionally in this complex language


There were 362 C++ programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.

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This is a scripting language used in web development and database management that is relatively easy to learn, and there are good and well-paid opportunities for it from the very beginning. It is popular and in high demand because one of the most popular website creation applications, WordPress, is running in PHP as well. In 2018, 83.5% of websites choose PHP as their server-side programming language, including such tech giants as Facebook, Tumblr or Slack. 

Web developers, and more specifically, back-end or full-stack developers have many job options if they know and use PHP confidently.


There were 259 PHP programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.

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Apple, Microsoft, Android, WordPress, and programming languages that can access them

Apple, Microsoft, Android, WordPress, and programming languages that can access them. Credit: Pixabay



R is a field-specific programming language, used mostly for statistical analyses and the representation of their results. Nowadays, data science is a highly important and dynamically expanding area, so there are many job offers for writing statistical software and data analysis. R also plays a role in machine learning, which is also an important area.

Since statistical analysis is used in many fields—sciences and human research, commerce, marketing, and meteorology to name a few, R programming skills can be crucial for us not just as members of development teams, but for research groups and other things as well.

With the infinite amount of data we are working within the 21st century, experts in data analysis and exploring correlations are becoming indispensable. So people can be sure that they will find positions in which they can make use of their R skills.


There were 187 programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article that mentions R.



Previously, the most important language of the web had been Perl, also called “The Duct Tape of the Internet.” Today, other languages have gained considerable ground, but Perl is still a widely used general-purpose language.

They use Perl in system administration, programming networks, creating graphical user interfaces, and, of course, web development is also still on the table.


There were 129 Perl programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.



MATLAB programming language

Lists of most popular programming languages are created using different criteria, but if we are looking at which languages are in high demand on the labour market, MatLab appears on more and more of them. MatLab is both the name of the development environment and the programming language used in that environment. It has been developed mostly for performing technical calculations, developing and testing algorithms, and creating simulations.

It is often used for a visual representation of scientific test results and data processing tasks. If you already have high mathematical skills or knowledge of some field of science, MatLab can become a valuable asset.


There were 76 MatLab programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.




Swift is a general-purpose, high-level programming language developed by Apple. It can be used to write programs for macOS, iOS or other Apple operating systems. It has many modern features that make development easier and more secure. It stands out from other programming languages for the same purpose in that programs are written in Swift run extremely quickly.

The importance of Apple is unquestionable in the world of IT, so even if Swift isn’t one of the most popular programming languages yet, it is quickly rising, and you can already find a lot of jobs if you know it.


There were 75 Swift programming jobs on Indeed during the writing of this article.


If you’d like to learn more about the programming languages, here is a video which compares the different coding languages by functions and field of applying:


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