Playing it safe – Top 10 Programming Courses With Job Guarantees

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How do programming courses with job guarantees work?

A job guarantee means that the educational institution promises that you can get a job within a short amount of time (usually within a few months) with the knowledge you acquired with them.

Usually, these schools closely cooperate with active participants on the market, who have open positions for freshly graduated students.

Looking through some programming schools’ websites, we can find that a job guarantee can refer to many things.



Refunding the cost of courses

Some schools have refund guarantees with the following condition: If the graduate student is unable to find a job in their new profession within a certain period of time, part or all of the course costs will be waived.

If the student has already paid the fee before or during the course and they are unable to provide them a job within a few months of completing the training (usually 3-6 months, but this varies from school to school), the institution will refund the price of the course or part of it.

Some schools have post-financing schemes, meaning you only have to start paying the course fee after getting a job and starting to work. In these cases, if a student cannot find a job, they will not have to pay for the course (or will only have to pay part of the fee).

Jobs at the school’s partners, discounts on the course fee

Some educational institutes have other kinds of job guarantees—they have to pay much less for courses if they promise to take a job offered by the school’s partners.

In practice, this can also mean that people who accept the job offered by a partner company of the school can pay half or even less for the course. The opposite can also happen—if a student does not accept a job offer from any of the partner companies at the end of the course, they will have to pay an extra fee.

We can think of this kind of job guarantee as future employers paying for the students’ education if the students promise to work for them after they complete the course.

Things to consider when looking for a job guarantee

A course that offers a job guarantee can be a good decision for those who “want to play it safe”, i.e., those who want to have a stable well-paying job.

But we also have to consider that if we go with a job guarantee scheme, we can only choose from a narrower slice of the job market and we must take the offered job

The conditions (e.g., the minimum wage, the mandatory time spent at the given workplace, etc.) are set by the educational institution and the employer, and these conditions must be accepted.

Some schools provide the list of potential employers, some don’t, but since the course can last 3, 6, or 12 months, we can only say what categories of jobs we can expect (e.g., “With this training, our former students were able to find jobs in junior front-end development jobs with this much salary”).

If you want to choose from the full range of the job market, and don’t like the constraints imposed by these job guarantee offers, you shouldn’t accept them.

Of course, the training institutions offer these guarantees because, thanks to their network of contracts and educational standards, the vast majority of their graduates (often more than 95%) can be accepted for a job at the end of the course.

To do this, schools carry out a serious pre-screening: they assess their students’ programming background, English skills, intelligence, etc., and only admit students who are expected to successfully take the challenges of the course and have a good chance of finding a job.

In-Person Bootcamps With Job Guarantees

Academic Work Academy

12 weeks | Free | Full Time | Stockholm, Sweden

Academy Work Academy trains its candidates for an already existing position, so there is no chance to graduate without a contract.

There are more bootcamps, some of them prepare to become IT Consultant, some others are more specialized like using the Salesforce platform or programming in Apex.

The bootcamps are free of charge, and no former experience is required, but you have to be fluent in English and Swedish, Norwegian or German according to the location of your course.

Job guarantee:

  • All students are guaranteed a job after graduation
  • Before the employer partner offers a full-time contract, they have the chance to work with graduates as consultants.

The course is available in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany.


Alliance for Digital Employability

12-24 weeks | €1000 | Full Time | Athens, Greece

As for the high unemployment rates and the statistics about the lack of IT professionals, at least 500,000 IT specialists are missing from the Greek labour market. This is the gap that the Alliance for Digital Employability is aiming to fill with well-skilled candidates by re-skilling and placing them in jobs.

After graduation, you’ll become an entry-level full-stack developer.

Course specifics and Job Guarantee:

  • C#/.NET course
    • Here you will learn about: C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, ADO.NET/Entity Framework, Visual Studio, Dapper
    • Costs €1000, instalments possible
    • 45 hours/week, 13 weeks long
  • Java course
    • Here you’ll learn about: Java, Maven/Tomcat, MySQL/HSQLDB, Servlets/JSP, Spring MVC / DI / AOP, JPA/Hibernate
    • Costs €1000, instalments possible
    • 45 hours/week, 13 weeks long

Employment contracts are secured before the beginning of the bootcamp, subject to students’ successful graduation.


Byte Academy

4 – 24 weeks | $14,950 | Full Time | New York City, NY; Bangalore, India

At Byte Academy you can choose from several course options, like:

  • Blockchain (Part-Time, 24 weeks)
    • Mostly based on JavaScript and Python programming language
    • You’ll learn about: Mobile Security | Data Structures | Algorithms | Cryptography | Cryptocurrency | Python and Blockchain
  • Data Science (Full-Time, 14 weeks, 40 hours/week)
    • Based on Python programming language
    • You’ll learn about: Data Science | Data Visualization | Data Analytics | Data Structures | Algorithms | Business Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence | Python | Machine Learning
  • FinTech (Part-Time, 24 weeks, 6 hours/week)
    • Based on SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python
    • You’ll learn about: MySQL | Git | Django | Front-end development
  • Full-Stack Python Bootcamp (Full-Time OR Part-Time)
    • Based on Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL
    • You’ll learn about on Full-Time Course: MySQL | Data Science | Git | Data Visualization | Django | Excel | React.js | Linux | Data Analytics | Data Structures | Algorithms | Node.js | Scrum | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
    • You’ll learn about on Part-Time Course: MySQL | AngularJS | Data Science | MongoDB | Git | Django | jQuery | Excel | Mobile | User Experience Design | Express.js | React.js | Linux | Data Structures | Algorithms | Android | Node.js | Front-end | Scrum | Machine Learning
  • Python Foundation (Part-Time, 4 weeks, 6 hours/week)
    • Based on Python
    • You’ll learn about: Linux | Data Analytics | Data Structures | Algorithms
    • Costs $100

After graduation, you’ll become an entry-level full-stack developer/data scientist. Job guarantee belongs to every course with the following conditions:

Guarantee Conditions:

  • You must complete the entire full-time program without repeating
  • You must participate fully in the Career Services recommendations,
  • Byte Academy expects you to be proactive in your job search and will require you to work closely with the Career Services team.

If you complete the conditions and won’t get a job offer within 6 months of graduation, Byte Academy refund you all of the tuition you paid for their course.

There is also an option for a scholarship – if you’ll fit in the conditions you’ll be rewarded with a discount in the amount of $300.



8 weeks | €800 | Full Time | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Codaisseur is an Amsterdam-based web development academy, but if you’d like to join one of their courses, English knowledge is required.

As you can see, they offer several training opportunities, with different duration and paces. You can even customise your own course with your preferences!

programming courses with job guarantee

The course fee at the development courses is reduced as the companies which hire the graduates have to pay the remainder.

It means you don’t have to worry about the job-finding process, as Codaisseur has to find you a job in order to get the rest of their money.


Codecool offers a full-stack programming course with a job guarantee. Besides the basic programming skills and different frontend/backend languages, soft-skills are also trained during the course such as active listening, business thinking, communication, teamwork or effective presentation.


Source: Codecool


You can gain a wide range of knowledge, which allows you to fill a wide variety of IT professions. Networking, IT security, programming paradigms, programming languages (Python, Java, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS and so on) are included in the curriculum.


Source: Codecool


The job guarantee is valid for full-time, full-stack developer courses, but career services are available after the shorter, specialized courses as well. In these cases, the school helps you to prepare for a job interview and build relationships with partner companies. If you do not get a job within 6 months of completing the training, you’ll not be required to reimburse the course fee.

You can reimburse your tuition in advance or by post-financing after you start working, in monthly instalments. 


20 weeks | $27,500 | Full Time | San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX

Codeup offers a full-stack program for candidates who’d like to change their careers. After graduation, you’ll become an entry-level software developer.

The courses will introduce you to the basics of software technologies via Python language or help you to become a professional full-stack developer who has stable knowledge in the field of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java coding.

You can choose from two different courses:

  • Data Science course
    • You’ll learn: Data Science | Git | R | Data Visualization | Excel | Hadoop | Spark | Data Analytics | Data Structures | Algorithms | SQL | Python | Machine Learning
    • Located in San Antonio
  • Full-Stack Web Development – Java
    • You’ll learn: MySQL | HTML | Git | JavaScript | jQuery | CSS | Front-End
    • Located in Dallas or San Antonio

Job Guarantee:

  • If you complete the conditions and won’t get a job offer within 6 months of graduation, Codeup refunds you 50% of the tuition you paid for their course.




  • +18 weeks
  • Beginner course
  • Many training options
  • online/on-site

At Green Fox’s on-campus junior programmer course, you’ll learn the basics of JavaScript, C#, and C++ besides Java, if you choose the super-intensive training format.

If you apply to this, you’ll have to prepare for 5+8 learning hours per week, with 20 more hours of home assignments for 18 weeks, in two parts, with a 2-week break between them.

You can choose from these specializations: Front-end, Back-end, Full-Stack, DevOps, Mobile, Test Automation, Embedded. The course also contains soft-skill training and coaching.


The course’s fee depends on which form of financing you choose. There are three financing options at Green Fox:

  • Pay by modules
  • Pre-financing (1.190.000 HUF+VAT – ca 4.000$+VAT)
  • Post-financing (1.890.000 HUF+VAT – ca 6.340$+VAT)

Job guarantee:

  • If you complete all three modules, you can get a job guarantee – if they can’t find you a job within half a year, you can ask for the fee back.

You don’t need any prior programming knowledge to apply, but English skills are required.

“It was hard but fun at the same time! I gained useful skills, got to know some great people and got a job, so it was absolutely worth it! Many thanks to our trainers and our two mentors, Balázs and Bence! “ – Tünde Csapó, Facebook



There are many courses at HelixLab, like:

  • Game developer,
  • Software developer,
  • Front-end developer,
  • Back-end developer, and
  • Full-stack developer,

depending on what level of education you’d like to achieve, and what prior knowledge and experiences you have.

At the end of the course, students get a diploma, and the course fee is between 300,000 and 700,000 HUF (1.000$ – 2.400$). If you want to apply for more courses, you get a discount on your end fee.

Job guarantee:

HelixLab works together with many companies, so they can offer job interviews at partner companies for students with the best results.


Journey Education

12 weeks | CAD$10,995 | Full Time | Montreal, Canada

Journey Education is a company that has partnerships with several Canadian Universities. Universities provide different kinds of bootcamps from the field of software development and data science.

  • Coding Bootcamp (12 weeks, 40 hours/week):
    • You’ll learn here: MongoDB | HTML | Git | JavaScript | CSS | Express.js | React.js | Node.js | Front-end | GitHub
    • Located in Cleveland, Montreal
  • Data Science Bootcamp (12 weeks, 40 hours/week)
    • You’ll learn here: Data Science | Git | Data Visualization | Data Analytics | Data Structures | Algorithms | Artificial Intelligence | SQL | Python | Machine Learning | GitHub
    • Located in Montreal


Job Guarantee:

  • If you complete the conditions and won’t get a job offer within 6 months of graduation, Codeup refunds you all of the tuition you paid for their course.

Guarantee terms:

  • Must be eligible to work in Canada
  • You have to use Journey Education’s career services



12 weeks | Full Time | Barcelona and Madrid, Spain

At Neoland you can choose from several IT-related courses, like:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Full-stack
  • Data Science
  • Mobile Development
  • Java Development
  • Cybersecurity

The courses are taught in Spanish language (intermediate English knowledge also required) and besides offline courses, every material is available online as well.

The team has connections with over 100 tech companies, in order to make easier job support for the students.

Job guarantee:

  • If you complete the conditions and won’t get a job offer within 6 months of graduation, Neoland will hire you until you recover the investment.


Ubiqum Code Academy

5 months | €7000 | Full Time | Barcelona, Madrid, Geneva – Spain | Online – Remote

Ubiqum Code Academy offers data analytics and full-stack web development bootcamps for total beginners.

  • Web Development with Java (5 months, 40 hours/week)
    • You’ll learn here: MySQL | HTML | Git | JavaScript | jQuery | Mobile | CSS | Android | Java | Front End | Scrum
  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning (5 months, 40 hours/week, or Part-Time 15 hours/week)
    • You’ll learn here (Full-Time): Data Science | R | Data Visualization | Data Analytics | Data Structures | Algorithms | Business Intelligence | SQL | Python | Machine Learning
    • You’ll learn here (Part-Time): MySQL | Data Science | R | Data Visualization | Data Structures | Algorithms | SQL | Python
  • Web Development with JavaScript (3 months, 40 hours/week)
    • You’ll learn here: MongoDB | HTML | Git | JavaScript | jQuery | Mobile | CSS | Express.js | React.js | Node.js | Front End | Scrum

As for the tuition fee, you’ll need to pay 50% in advance, and if you can’t find a job after graduation, the second instalment will be automatically cancelled.

Guarantee conditions:

  • The course is available with a guarantee for university graduate applicants (between the age 22-35)
  • Except: you need to pass a personal interview at Ubiqum.


Online Bootcamps with Job Guarantees:


9 – 18 months| $9,500 | Flexible | Online

6 – 12 months | $8800 | Flexible | Online

Bloc’s offers two main online course-track: a web developer and a designer track. Web developer course goes mostly with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the students will get familiar with Ruby on Rails as well.

The designer track teaches design processes in-depth, including UX research, visual design, and frontend development.

The track is quite complex, so if you have a deeper interest in web development processes on the front-end side, this course is a great opportunity to improve your skills.

Job Guarantee:

  • Both programs have a Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee if students do not get a paying job in the industry within 180 days of graduating. This job is guaranteed to be:
    • A paying job in the web development industry
    • This may include full-time, contract-to-hire, contractor, and internship positions
    • The Software Developer Track also has a minimum salary guarantee of $60,000.

Guarantee Conditions:

  • Students must keep on pace with the program (if you fall 30% behind, you lose eligibility.
  • Live in a top 23 major North American metro area (ie. Metro Atlanta, Greater Austin, Greater Boston, Chicago Metropolitan Area, etc)
  • Complete job guarantee conditions are on Bloc’s FAQ page.



6 months | $4000 | Flexible/Part Time | Online

CareerFoundry is also an online bootcamp, where you can learn from home, totally at your own pace.

The main fields are web development, UX or UI design, but you also can take data analytics courses here. The company is located in Berlin, but the courses are available worldwide.

During the course and even the following six months of graduation, a Career Specialist will follow your steps and help you to find your first workplace as an IT specialist.

Job guarantee:

  • Find a job in your new career within 6 months of graduating, or get your money back.

Guarantee Conditions:

  • Complete 100% of the program
  • Complete a careers services questionnaire
  • Complete one call with a personal placement specialist
  • Have a relevant project history on Github, and/or portfolio improvements
  • Proof of at least 15 job applications


CodeBerry – Website Creation Course 

19.990 Ft/month (68$) | 3 to 5 learning hours per week | Online, with mentorship | Beginner

You can learn the basics of HTML, CSS3, and the use of online and offline editors during the course. After successfully completing it, you will be able to create modern websites by yourself.

The course is online, and experienced mentors help you along the way if you get stuck. You can learn individually, and according to your schedule. No prior knowledge is required — just your interest and commitment.



If you already have some basic knowledge, we also recommend our Website Creation Practice course where you can strengthen your knowledge so that you can create websites more confidently.

 The course takes up to 5 hours of your time per week, and you can create exciting new interfaces, e.g., the main page of a blog or the user interface of a chat app. You will get constant feedback on your work from the mentors so that your development becomes even faster.

“I always wanted to know how I can create a great website since I had blogs, personal websites, journals, yet I could never make them my own through formatting. I had minimal HTML knowledge when I started the Website Creation module, and it is incredible how much I learned from it even on the first day. I am grateful for the opportunity to access these fantastic lessons anytime, anywhere, with completely understandable materials at a reasonable price.” – Attila Szabó (Facebook)



6 months | $1,100 upfront | Flexible | Online

At Springboard you can choose from different tracks, like Data Science, Analytics, Cyber Security, Design and Coding, each of them contains multiple specialized courses.

Most of the courses are extended with a job guarantee and include career coaching with networking tips, resume and LinkedIn assistance, interview prep, and salary negotiation.

Some of the courses require a former professional or academic background, and every applicant needs to fill out an online form, take an aptitude test, then talk with a school representative about their background and motivations.

Guarantee Conditions:

  • Students submit an upfront deposit of $1,100 and gain full access to the course
  • The tuition fee must be paid after the graduate accepts a job offer – $950 a month for 12 months totalling $11,400.



4 months | $14,000 | Full Time | Online

6 months | $9000 | Flexible | Online

Thinkful could be a great choice if you are searching for a fast-paced course option. The part-time courses require approximately 20-25 hours per week, while a full-time conception even up to 60 hours weekly.

You can choose from several courses in the field of web development, programming, design, data science and so on.

The courses contain 1-on-1 mentorship and career support. Students can join Thinkful’s Slack community built by fellow students and mentors, and also receive lifetime access to the course materials.

Guarantee Conditions:

  • Students are guaranteed to get a job or get their money back within 6 months of graduation.
  • This job is guaranteed to be either a salaried employee, a full-time contractor, or a paid apprenticeship.
  • Students must live within reasonable commuting distance of a list of ~30 cities in the US/Canada (ie. Austin, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Seattle, etc).
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Live in and be legally able to work in the U.S. or Canada
  • Be proficient in spoken and written English


Wagner College

6 months | $8,900 | Full Time & Part Time | Online

Wagner College specializes in the field of cybersecurity, programming, testing and networking. If you are interested in these areas, one of the 6 month long online courses could be a perfect choice.

The courses require 20-30 hours weekly to complete, in flexible scheduling. The College doesn’t offer to land you into an actual position after the course, but in case you won’t be able to find a workplace within 6 months of graduating, they’ll refund your tuition fee.

Guarantee Terms:

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