Learning to program is worth it, for sure. We can learn skills that are important in the present but will be even more crucial in the future: analytical thinking, understanding the basics of programming, being able to complete basic programming tasks, and database management.

There are many jobs and development opportunities where you can use your programming skills even if you don’t want to work as a coder.

Programming for Free: Can We Learn Without Paying?

It is not only expensive courses where you can learn the basics of programming. If you are unsure about which programming language you want to learn or what you want to do with programming, free learning can be the right choice. There are no risks, and how many things you learn depends on your persistence and diligence.

There are many different opportunities where you can learn programming for free, and their levels differ as well. With the options listed here, you can learn as a beginner or even as an advanced coder.

Learning Forms

As a first step, you should assess which form of learning is right for you since there are many ways to learn for free. Do you want to work independently, like learning from a book at your own pace? Would you like if someone explained the steps for you, or would you like to learn through interactive tasks and games?

If you have advanced English skills, your options for online learning are infinite. In this article, we will mention English options, but the focus will be on learning in your native language.

Free Trials

Many places offer free trials so you can decide whether you want to take part in that specific form of learning or not. There are open days and workshops, or you can try some courses online for free.


You can try the first 25 lessons for free to see how we explain and put into practice what you learn and how you can get feedback on your tasks instantly. If you like it and want to start learning with us, we offer many useful modules in our curriculum.

You can try programming for free with the first 25 lessons at CodeBerry.

You can try programming for free with the first 25 lessons at CodeBerry.

Our other materials aren’t free, but we offer mentorship and a study group for our students in addition to the programming lessons. 

Open Days, Workshops, Programming Lessons

It is useful to check the websites and social media platforms of programming schools in our area as most of them hold free open days or trial classes where you can see how the school and learning programming works. It is a good opportunity to get to know the teachers, the main points of the schedule, and their learning atmosphere so you can decide whether you want to join them.

During workshops, you can also learn programming for free. Here are a few examples, but you can follow other schools that you like.

Programming Textbooks for Free, Digitized Notes

We are all different, and so are how we learn. There are many fantastic interactive interfaces, games, and apps for learning, but that doesn’t mean no-one wants to learn using traditional methods like notes and textbooks.

This has the benefit of being able to retrieve every piece of information and having time to process everything. If you too like to pick up a book and get deep into a topic when you want to learn something new, here’s a list for you:

Python Programming for Free

(Peter Wentworth, Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey és Chris Meyers: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python, 2012)

Learn Python Programming for Free – Credit: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

JavaScript Programming for Free

Programming Basics, Low-Level Programming, C, C++ language:

C# Programming for Free:

Java Programming for Free: 

Free Games and Apps for Learning to Program

Nowadays, there are many apps and games that can teach you programming step by step without you even noticing it. Many of these can be played for free. The English list is almost infinite, but we gathered some of our favourites in this article.

Games and apps are great because they don’t require a high level of English, so if you are confident in your basics, you can start playing programming games right now.



  • CodinGame – this game supports many programming languages and technologies. Learn and develop your skills with other programmers in a fun way
  • Code Avengers – entertaining and effective online learning from the basics, with a graphic programming language 
  • SQLZOO – spreadsheet management and queries in SQL
  • RoboCode – programming robot tanks in Java with .NET. Battles against other programmers
  • Flexbox Froggy – practice positioning in CSS by getting a frog on a leaf. The levels build on each other, from simple statements to complex pieces of code.


  • GrassHopper – JavaScript from the basics, exciting projects
  • SoloLearn – The basics of more than 15 programming languages and frameworks; machine learning and data science tutorial projects
  • Mimo – extra short but complex, well-designed lessons, practice, and immediate feedback
  • Programming Hub – IT basics, Android development, web programming 
  • Codemurai – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and other languages and frameworks can be learned with this app in an entertaining way

Programming Tutorial Videos, Distance Learning  

Using free tutorial videos can be a great way to learn if you have the determination to practise independently and deepen the knowledge you acquired from the videos.

If your language skills are on the right level, you can learn to program in English as well, and in that case, your opportunities are almost endless. You should check Udemy and Coursera, where you can find thousands of courses about programming for free.

Top 10 YouTube Materials and Tutorials:

For Advanced and Professional Coders

If your programming skills are advanced or you are a pro, there are still opportunities to learn programming for free. You can watch lectures or courses from the best universities in the world, and you can download these videos or audio files for free.

The website Open Culture lists the online lectures of elite universities (like Harvard, MIT, or Stanford) in many fields. You can find programming lectures in the Computer Science category.

As you can see, you don’t have to pay up if you want to program. In this article, we shared many ways in which you can learn for free. 

If you want to complete a traditional programming course but you don’t yet know which language or specialization you want, you should try these free options and the technologies they can teach you.

In our article series “Programming courses,” we collected the learning opportunities, so if you want to learn to program, you can find these, and other interesting facts there that can help you find the perfect course for you.

Programming courses:

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