Learning to program can be done not only with text-based and video-based learning materials but with programming games developed specifically for this purpose. It is an exciting, effective and entertaining way to practice, and in this article, we have collected the best programming games for you.

Most of the websites you will find here are in English, but if you have basic English skills, you can still enjoy these programming games. Use translation software or dictionaries for the words you don’t understand. This way, you can improve your English as well as your programming skills.


Programming games help you to learn coding


Programming games for improving basic programming thinking and logic


LightBot improves algorithmic thinking, while you lead a little robot through increasingly more difficult levels. You don’t need prior programming knowledge to play this game, and it is a useful and entertaining practice opportunity. The instructions are available in ready-made blocks, which we only need to arrange in the right order and repeat the process in a sufficient number. This means we don’t have to write program code, just put together building blocks. 

  • Price:
  • What you can practice with this game: algorithmic thinking, programming logic



Cube Composer

You can practice logical tasks on 20 different levels that help you develop the programming mindset. This game is ideal for absolute beginners, and just like the previous game, you need to decide which statement to use, and in which order to use them.

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: algorithmic thinking, programming logic



Programming games where you can choose different programming languages


If you play with CodeCombat, you will have a real gaming experience. The knowledge you gain here is not adaptable exactly to the challenges of real-life programming, but in return, you won’t even notice that you’re learning and developing your skills.

Like role-playing games, in this, you will have your own character, and as you progress through the levels, you’ll get access to more and more equipment and skills. You can control the movement of your character, avoid obstacles, and solve tasks with programming. 

  • Price: Free
  • Programming language options: 
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • CoffeeScript and C++ in the experimental version
  • The game’s language: the instructions for the game are being translated voluntarily by the CodeCombat community, so you can access it in many languages.




This is an advanced level programming game that lets you improve your skills through different tasks while getting to know more advanced concepts. In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends, coworkers and teammates. Constantly, there are new challenges and races, though the goal is not to compete with others but to improve your own skills.

CodinGame users created a real community, so we can get answers to any of our questions from them.

  • Price: Free
  • More than 25 programming languages to choose from, such as C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Swift, and TypeScript.
  • The site’s language: English




Programming challenges and quests for advanced programmers. You can share your solutions so others can learn a lot not only from the tasks but from their solutions as well. In fact, not only can you share your solutions, but you can also create new quests and tasks.

The big advantage of the site is that it repeats the basic concepts of programming in summary lessons, albeit in a form that is difficult for beginners to digest, but those who have programmed before will receive awesome written material to easily catch up with the game.

In the world of the game, you can discover new locations with puzzles, and there are also riddles that reward you with treasures if you solve them.

  • Price: Free
  • Programming language options:
    • Python 
    • TypeScript
  • The language of the website: English



HTML, CSS, and JavaScript practice


There are many web programming games on Codepip’s website, and you can practice languages needed for website creation, or just parts of them.

  • How much is it? 
    • Free package: you can access a few CSS games with this 
    • Pro package: you get access to all games, and you can track your improvement and your achievements.
      • Monthly subscription: $6
      • Yearly subscription: $49
      • Lifelong access: $99
  • What programming games are there on the site? 
    • There are many HTML and CSS games on Codepip, and they are always working on new ones.
    • If you want to practice JavaScript, you can find a game for it (only one at the moment). 
  • The language of the website: English


Programming games are useful while you learn how to code



CodePip: Nester

In this game, you can practice nesting code snippets, so you can write hierarchically structured HTML code. By the time you finish the levels, you will be able to write and read HTML quickly and with precision.



CodePip: Sourcery

In the game titled Sourcery, you can familiarize yourself with the code editor add-on titled Emmet. With this add-on, you will be able to write HTML code super quickly by using keyboard shortcuts and abbreviations. It is very useful if you want to write quick and precise HTML code, and you can even use this to write XML.



CSS Programming Games

CodePip: Cascade

You can find many microgames inside Codepip Cascade that all let you practice different CSS features, like Flexbox, Grid, transform, direction, filter, counter, nth-child, calc and so on.



CodePip: CSS Surgeon

In this game, you need to put the vital organs of a patient back to their original places with the help of CSS transform. With the transform feature, you can move, rotate, and scale elements in a website. We can practice this playfully with CSS Surgeon.



Free Game: CodePip: Grid Garden

You don’t have to subscribe to the site to take care of your vegetable garden—you can practice using the CSS grid for free while watering the carrots planted in rows and columns. Grid also plays a role in the layout of websites, and it is a very useful tool, so it is useful to practice it playfully.



Other popular free CSS programming games

CSS Diner

This is an awesome game to practice CSS selectors. You can select elements, classes… and what else? To be honest, there are more ways to select elements than you might have thought. With CSS Diner, you can learn these while selecting food from the forever multiplying plates.

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with the game: CSS selectors
  • Language of the website: English



Flexbox Froggy

With the rightly popular Flexbox Froggy (available in Hungarian), you can practice CSS Flexbox, i.e. one of the methods for positioning. There are 24 increasingly difficult levels in the game, and your goal will be getting the frogs on the appropriate lilypads using flexbox features.

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: positioning with Flexbox
  • Language of the website: Hungarian



Flexbox Defense 

In this game you can also practice flexbox—you have to use CSS to stop the enemy and defend your towers.  

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: Flexbox



Programming games with scripts that you can learn a lot from

With these programming games, you don’t learn programming while you’re playing them, but when you’re reviewing their code, which you’ll find above the game in CodePen.

CSS Only Carnival

This game is based on HTML and CSS only, no JavaScript is required at all. It’s exciting to review the code, to see how the game that you can even try out is put together.

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: reading HTML and CSS code



CSS Tic-Tac-Toe 

On this site, you will find a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, but it is interesting to see how you can write the code for a game like this. Just like the programming games above, this one is also built on HTML and CSS, and you can see the full code for it.

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: reading HTML and CSS code



Other skills needed for website creation

These are interesting and challenging programming games with which you may not be able to practice the most useful skills that a web developer may have, but in return are a lot of fun.

HEX Invaders

In this game, you won’t have to program, but you’ll have to interpret color codes used in website creation. If you don’t know the system of HTML color codes, read our article on them.

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: 
    • How much of a given base color a shade has
    • Color coding in web development




You need to draw the correct sized shapes from the simple parameters given. It requires a sense of proportion and accurate estimation.

  • Price: Free 
  • What you can practice with this game: scaling, pixels, proportions



+1: Dungeons and Developers

On this site, you won’t find a game, but an interactive illustration that you can use to track your progress towards becoming a web developer. Ezen az oldalon nem játékot találsz, hanem egy interaktív ábrát, ahol nyomon követheted, hol tartasz a webfejlesztővé válás útján és mit érdemes még megtanulnod. A must for board game and fantasy fans!

  • Price: Free
  • It is a map to becoming a web developer. (You cannot practice on it, but you can track where you are.)



JavaScript Programming Games


Screeps is an MMO RTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) game for enthusiastic programmers. In it, you develop the AI that moves your troops and makes them decide to use JavaScript while immersing yourself in the exciting life of the colony.

In this game, you’ll have real programming tasks that you need to complete while practising JavaScript in an entertaining way and improving your coding skills without even noticing it. 

The Slack channel of Screeps is especially active so supporters can chat with a supportive programming community if you want to get into this strategy game.

  • Price: 14.99 €
  • What you can practice with this game: AI programming in JavaScript 



Elevator Saga 

In this game, you need to control elevators to get people from one floor to another using JavaScript. 

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: JavaScript programming



Code Crunchers

JavaScript math: arithmetic operators and mathematical methods like Math.pow() or Math.trunc(). To play this game, you’ll need math skills, but it’s not a problem if you are not super familiar with JavaScript.

  • Price: this comes with your Codepip subscription ($6 monthly, $49 yearly, see above), and you can play HTML and CSS games with it
  • What you can practice with this game: arithmetic operators and mathematical methods in JavaScript



Java Programming Games


This is an old classic, but can still be used to improve your Java programming skills.

The game doesn’t run in your browser, so you need to download it before you start programming your tanks. In this game, tanks fight against each other, and you need to program how they will behave on the battlefield and how to react to events.

  • Price: Free
  • What you can practice with this game: Java and .NET programming
  • Language of the website: English



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