Web Design Courses – Web Design vs Web Development

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Web Design Courses – What Is This Article About? 

In this article, we clarify the differences between the different stages of designing and building a website, and then list how to learn web design and where to learn web development.


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What is Web Design? What Does a Web Designer Do?

Web design is the design of websites, including the look, layout, colors, fonts, images, videos, animations, barrier-free accessibility, and so on. The web designer’s job is to design user-friendly websites that best suit the client’s needs, purpose and brand.

A web designer is a creative professional who knows how to design a brand identity with the use of colors, typography and possibly graphics. Web design is a sub-field of UI and UX design, i.e. the design of the most suitable, optimal, usable, understandable and accessible interface for the user. Another important aspect is SEO: a professional web designer will design the site according to the principles of search engine optimization.

What Pieces of Software Do Web Designers Use? 

There are many popular programs that help designers, and many of them use Adobe products like Photoshop.

On a professional web design course, you’ll learn to use a wide range of software, then you can explore new ones on your own, and find out which ones you like to work with best.

Design Plans – The Result of the Work of a Web Designer

The web designer creates the look and feel of the website based on the client’s requirements, places the information and functions, and creates design plans.

The design files are not functional in themselves, they are just designs, images, but they cannot implement the functions that a live website should be able to implement. You cannot click on them, type or search in them, etc.

These designs are further worked on by web developers who use programming languages to build the designed website.  


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What is Web Development? – The Basic Elements of Web Development

Web developers build websites based on plans made by the designers. They use different programming languages to achieve this:

  • First, they create the basic structure of the website using HTML.
  • Then, they add the styles, colors, fonts, layouts and animations of the designer with CSS.
  • After that, they make the whole website come alive, making it clickable, interactive with the help of JavaScript.
  • There are also other software tools that help web developers to link elements of projects, track version changes and speed up their work (JavaScript frameworks, libraries, version managers, package managers, etc.).
  • That’s as far as the frontend goes. From here, the other branch of web development, the backend, starts, which also involves a lot of excitement and requires serious expertise.

In a previous article, we covered the building blocks of frontend development in detail. If you’re interested, read What is needed from a frontend developer in 2021?.


Fun Fact – Does Everyone Mean the Same When They Say Web Design?

In IT, there are many terms that are of English origin, but as international terms, they can be found in almost all languages. Web development and web design are such terms, many languages have adopted them or have translated them word for word.

However, it is worth paying attention to what exactly is meant by one term or another, because although we take a lot from English, terms do not necessarily have exactly the same meaning in a given language. In Romanian and Finnish, for example, there is no clear distinction between the terms for designing and building a website. These can also be interesting considerations when making automatic translations.


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Web Design Courses 

If you’re interested in web design and would like to learn the latest technologies to create attractive and user-friendly websites, you can choose from the courses below.

  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. edX
  4. CodeCademy


Web Development Courses 

If you are keen to learn programming and are interested in a career in web development, choose a course accordingly! Learn in the form of a programming bootcamp.

Start learning about one of the top careers of the future and choose from web design or web development courses!

If you’d like to see more programming tutorials, check out our Youtube channel, where we have plenty of video tutorials in English.

In our article series “Programming courses” we collected the learning opportunities, so if you want to learn to program, you can find these, and other interesting facts there which can help you find the perfect course.

Programing courses

Language-specific courses:

Programming courses with extras:

Learn to code and change your career!





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