The new cycle, Popocatépetl, has already started, but let’s take a step back and celebrate all the things we’ve managed to build and do during the last development cycle.



A jQuery Course

We created an entirely new course that connects the dots of HTML, CSS, and JS, and provides a way for the students to make their websites interactive. The course has cute coding exercises with sample solutions (a recurring request from students) and is just waiting for the hordes of students.



A Website Creator Practice Course

We designed an exciting new type of course, based on the interviews we did two months back with our power students. The course features beautifully crafted screens from a modern website that the students have to reproduce using their previously acquired HTML and CSS knowledge. We have also included an in-depth example solution that goes the extra mile with explanations in its comments.



A Central App Handling Multiple Subscriptions

Behind the scenes, our trusty Central app has been handling almost everything since 2016. Since then, we made some “minor” tweaks to how CodeBerry works. Like we added the possibility of a student having more than one subscription 😂. This considerable undertaking took a good part of both the Vinson Massif and Shiveluch cycles, but right now, it’s on.



A Content Team

Organic traffic does make a difference, and we’d like to improve our search engine positions by providing people with relevant content. Creating content is not that easy, so we built an entire team with that purpose in mind. From now on, they’re on the continuous quest to create new articles.



A Country Selection Framework

We build the largest programming school in the world. On our way to achieve this ambitious goal, we have to pick countries to set foot next with CodeBerry. The decision is not that trivial. Several factors could affect how “good” a market is for us. We created a framework that helps us with data along multiple dimensions.



Hiring New Team Members

CodeBerry has grown not just in terms of students but in fellow team members as well. We’ve welcomed Sebastian (software developer), Róbert (code mentor), Carmen (content marketer). Gabriella (content writer), and Károly and Barna (curriculum developers). Welcome 🌊!



Consolidated Course Emails

The courses (formerly known as bootcamps) started as a small experiment, but as of today, we send more than 150 different emails to the course participants. We sent these emails manually, copied from fragmented Google Docs (like animals! 🦓🐌). Today, we can click a button in Mautic, and the email is on its way.



Trigger Emails

If our students remember to come back and learn daily, it’s a win-win situation. They learn, and we’ll have smarter and smarter students every day. We created emails that get remind the students to come back and help them reinforce this new habit of daily learning.



We did great. Now is the time to pat ourselves on the shoulder and marvel at our creations: