Why Is Coding Important? 

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Why Is Coding Important?

In this article, we will explore why programming is crucially important in the 21st century from different perspectives.

What Is Programming?

If you’ve ever used a computer, watched videos on the internet, or played a video game, it’s hard to imagine that it’s all really just a series of letters and symbols.

The power of a computer is that it can process thousands of lines of code in a second, which allows it to execute quite complex instructions and perform incredible tasks. Programming is the writing of these complex instructions.

Without programming, you wouldn’t be able to read this article (programming was needed to publish it on our website, but it’s also needed for the internet and your computer to work properly), you couldn’t use your smartphone, use Facebook, or watch Netflix without it.

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Why is coding important?


What Is A Program?

A program is a sequence of logical and mathematical functions, properly grouped and sequenced. These functions contain instructions that are executed by the computer. The instructions may vary from one programming language to another, and different languages perform different tasks and communicate with the computer in slightly different ways.

Why Is Coding Important in The History of Technology?

Programmable devices have changed the world, and many of the events that have shaped our history would not have happened or would have happened very differently, without the hard work of persistent and ingenious programmers. The work of programmers played a major role in shaping World War II, landing on the Moon, and creating the first general-purpose computer.

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Changing World And Changing Labor Market

It is clear that more and more technologies and activities are becoming automated. Self-driving cars, automated assembly lines, smart homes, virtual assistants, data-driven market decisions, medical diagnoses supported by imaging: are just a few examples of how programmed technology is weaving its way into our lives.

This process is also having an impact on the labor market, where programming skills, the ability to interact with machines and modify their operation, are becoming increasingly important and, in some sectors, indispensable.

Programming skills are therefore a crucial skill for the future.

Programming In A Traditional Computer Environment

Although the aim of this article is to show the importance of programming in a wide range of fields, we cannot forget the field that probably comes to most people’s minds when they first hear the word “programming”: developing and maintaining traditional computer programs and websites.

These technologies are also constantly evolving, changing and will certainly continue to be important in the future. But let’s also give some examples of fields in which programming jobs exist and are likely to exist in the future, outside of computers.


Why is coding important?


Why is Coding Important Outside of Computers

Where can you use your programming skills? We have already covered similar topics in several articles, such as What is Coding Used For? and 15 Tips: What Can You Do With Coding Skills? for more interesting perspectives on where and how coding can be used.

What things need to be programmed?

  • Telephones
  • Smartwatches
  • Smart appliances
  • Software used in cars (or even self-driving cars)
  • Autopilot software on planes, self-driving trains
  • PLC programming 

Basic Skills in Our Changing World

Experts in educational research and pedagogical reform agree that children need to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century and for future employment and personal goals in a different way than they were a few years or decades ago.

Technology is all around them from birth, the effective use of info-communication devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, computers) is now a basic skill, and filtering and critical consumption of information are often more important than lexical knowledge.

Some of the Most Important Skills of the 21st Century:

  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, analysis, interpretation, synthesis of information
  • Creativity, curiosity, imagination, innovation
  • Perseverance, self-discipline, planning, adaptability
  • Teamwork, leadership, cooperation, (virtual) sharing of work
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills, media and internet usage, data interpretation and analysis, computer programming


Thinking analytically, breaking down a problem into steps, planning, thinking creatively and adaptively, and working in teams will be essential, and learning computer programming is an effective and exciting way to acquire these skills.


Why is coding important?


Why Is Coding Important For Kids?

Credit: Pexels

In the previous two paragraphs, you read about how programming knowledge is slowly becoming a basic skill and an expectation, and how it contributes to the development of important skills. Developing digital competencies is particularly important in children’s lives, as they will have to cope in a world where technology will surround them and permeate their everyday activities.

In later life, basic skills in programming can help young people in their further education and career choices, not just in the narrow field of IT and programming, but in a much broader context of successful learning and working. You can read more about this in our article “15 Tips: What Can You Do With Coding Skills?“.

Summary: Why Is Coding Important In Our Lives?

Programming is important for creating innovation, solving global problems and finding environmentally-friendly solutions. Programming is important for improving the performance of computers and the internet, to maximize their potential.

Programming is important for speeding up the input and output processes of machines, for automating the processing, collection, manipulation, calculation and analysis of data and information.

This means that although computer programming is still extremely important today, it could become even more so in the future. Studying programming means being part of the research, development and testing processes that will shape the society of the future and seek answers to global problems.

In a technology-driven world, having a basic knowledge of programming can give you a competitive advantage over others.

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Basics of Programming

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