Hi there! 👋

We are the CodeBerry team, and we’re building an online, international programming school, so everyone can learn to code.
And, right now, we are looking for an AWS System Administrator to build continuous deployment for our school, keep on reading. 🙂 


What You’ll Be Doing


The continuous deployment is a short (4-6 weeks) project but we’d like to work with you in the long term, half-time, or full-time if we are fit for each other.

We use AWS (EC2s, ECS), Terraform, Docker, and Jenkins. We have a well-documented system but it will be a part of your job to create and add the missing processes as well.


You might be the one we are looking for if you:

  • are familiar with AWS (EC2, ALB, ECS, Route53, CloudFront),
  • have Linux administration experience (We use Ubuntu images),
  • can read and write scripts and know Terraform (shell scripts and Terraform build our infrastructure),
  • have experience with managing website infrastructure and maintaining its stability,
  • love learning new things (You’ll need to keep up with trends and best practices),
  • have excellent written English (You’ll write documentation). 


Who are we?


We are an international coding school called CodeBerry (https://codeberryschool.com/en/). 

We are a young, friendly, supportive, transparent team, who will trust you and want to contribute to your learning and professional growth as well. 


What we offer


💰 Competitive salary: For this role, we offer an hourly rate of 20-50 USD. 

🏝  Work remotely: We are a fully remote company, which means we don’t have an office. You can work from your home, a café, or your favourite beach, wherever you like.

🕒 Working hours: Expect 25 mostly asynchronous hrs/week.

⛺️ Vacation: At least 30 days/year.

How to apply for the position


Please fill out this google form in English tailored to this position that speaks to us.

Please do take your time with the application. There’s no prize for being the first to submit.

We’re continuously accepting applications.

We can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

Learn to code and change your career!





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