Basics of programming

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You'll have a solid understanding of the basics of programming two months from now.

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You don't need to know anything about programming or speak any foreign languages to start.

The course starts on:

October 19, 2020 (Monday)

Application deadline: October 14, 2020 (Wednesday)

  • Length
    2 months
  • Effort
    3–5 hours a week
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    $99 per month
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About this course

Technologies of 2020

JavaScript, the console, online editors. Don't worry if you don't know anything about these: that's why we are here.

Friendly community

It is a scientific fact that learning in a community is more fun and time efficient than studying alone. Chat, progress and learn programming with your online classmates.

Experienced mentors

Our mentors are experts with many years of experience, who will help you in clear, plain English if you get stuck.

You can do it while having a job

The course only requires 3–5 hours of your time every week, so you don't have to neglect your job, other studies or family to do it properly.

Affordable prices

For the price of a cup of coffee a day ($3.3/day), you will get a modern, valuable skill in 2 months, which you can turn into a profitable profession.

Start date: Monday 10/19/2020

Our next bootcamp starts on Monday 10/19/2020. Don't miss out, sign up now!

What you'll learn

By the end of the training, you'll have a solid understanding of the basics of programming and the way programmers think. You'll be able to solve simple programming problems on your own with JavaScript.

Course syllabus

Week #1: Jump into programming with JavaScript

On your first week, you'll get to know the very basics of how programmers think, then you'll meet our language of choice, JavaScript. By the end of the week, you'll perform basic mathematical operations and even manipulate text with JavaScript.

Week #2: Variables and the art of asking questions

You'll learn about variables, which is one of the fundamental building blocks of any programming language. With them, you'll be able to write clean and efficient code. Speaking of efficiency—you'll also learn about how to ask good questions as a programmer when you get stuck.

Week #3: The recipes of Javascript: functions

Reusable pieces of code are super important for any developer, and we use functions to create them. To become a master, you need to learn about functions.

Week #4: Loops and conditionals

Applications are full of conditional logic and loops. This week, you'll dive deep into if statements and you will also learn the elegant way to solve loops assignments, while solving problems for a fictional publishing house and a wind turbine farm.

Week #5: Drawing with JavaScript

Week 5 will be a week of intense practice. You'll spend your time practicing everything you've learned so far, while creating some awesome digital artwork with your code.

Week #6: Solving problems like a pro

Programmers have a unique way of thinking about problems and solutions. This week, we'll try to bring home a spaceship stranded on Mars, using nothing but our wits and some code.

Week #7: The lists of JavaScript: arrays

You need lists in your everyday life, and you'll need them as a programmer. Lists in JavaScript are called arrays. We're going to learn the basics about them and help some friendly people with their problems along the way.

Week #8: Keeping it clean with objects

As your code grows, you will need a way to keep everything clean and organized. This is where objects come into play. Together, we'll dive deep into objects and build a cool virtual library for your favorite books.

Meet the team members

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Noemi Szonyi

Lead Instructor

team member photo
Hugo Nieto


team member photo
Marek Kozłowski


team member photo
Adam Freisinger

Course Developer

team member photo
Laszlo Vad

Course Developer


I like it that I can truly learn at my own pace,

and that we not only get materials, but there is also some scheduling and feedback. I really like the tests because I get feedback on what I know and what I need to go over again. As for the lessons, I like it that they show logical thinking and code structuring from simple to more complex versions. 😊


I make much better progress by working in a group than by learning "aimlessly" alone.

I need feedback, I'm glad to have someone to review my code and pat my shoulder! 🤗 Having time to learn at my own pace encourages me to push my own boundaries and find new assignments – such as checking out the ideas coming from my fellow students. 🙂 I did no ironing today, but no problem! I solved the assignment about wind turbines for the third time. 🏋️‍♀️


The curriculum of Codeberry is amazing

because it gives the students a lot of assignments to complete on their own, which guarantees that a solid knowledge is developed. It teaches through lifelike examples, and the students can see the result of their work right away. I got here after a couple of free courses. The difference between free and paid online courses is clear.



Is this course different from the "Website creator" course?

Yes, the "Website creator" course deals with the HTML, CSS and git parts of the curriculum, while the "Basics of programming" course is focused on programming with JavaScript.

Do I have to know anything about programming to sign up?

No, you can sign up without any previous coding experience.

How long is this course?

The course is 2 months long. For the duration of the course, you will have access to the entire curriculum developed by CodeBerry. We will progress in the curriculum together under the guidance of our mentors, studying 3–5 hours a week. The course involves 25–40 hours of study in total.

How far will I get by completing this course? What skills will I gain?

By the end of the training you'll have a solid understanding of the basics of programming and the way programmers think. You'll be able to solve simple programming problems on your own with JavaScript.

Do I get access to the entire curriculum right at the very beginning of the course?

Yes, you are free to move around the chapters as you wish, but in order to make use of the mentoring and to progress together with the group, it is best to follow their pace.

Can I suspend the course if something comes up?

Yes, you may suspend your studies at any point. You can pay for the course in 2 instalments. If something happens after you have started the course and you don't want to continue, you will not have to pay the remaining monthly instalment. When you have more time in the future, you can join another bootcamp and continue from where you left off.

How much does this course cost?

The total cost of the course is $198, to be paid in two instalments (2 * $99).

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of your newly acquired skills when you have completed the course. Note that our certificate is not an official document accredited by the state. That is because state accreditation involves rigid regulations, meaning that we could only teach a fixed curriculum, without being able to change it. And that wouldn't make much sense in the rapidly changing world of web development and programming. Instead, we offer you a modern knowledge fitting the industry's needs.

How does the mentoring work?

Our mentors are available daily in the online chat room. You will get your weekly assignments at the beginning of each week, they help you if you get stuck, and at the end of the week, you summarize the material learned during the week and prepare for the next week together. There are no set consultation hours, you can ask your question anytime, and as soon as a mentor is available, they will answer. Officially, you should get a reply within 24 hours, but we usually answer your questions much faster than that.

How can I get help from the mentors and other students?

Online, in a chat, where you can talk to your classmates as well as your mentors. The chat can be accessed from your browser.

How will the online learning work?

You will mostly use a browser (e.g. Chrome) for studying. You will get your weekly goals and assignments in the online chat, and that is also where you can talk to and ask for help from your mentors or the other participants of the course. You will get your assignments and reading materials on a website, and that is also where you can submit your solutions.

Are there any prerequisites?

You don't need any previous knowledge or specific education. All you need is basic knowledge of how to use a computer, being able to search on the internet, and being able to use a simple text editor. With these, you'll have everything to start learning programming.

Can I still learn programming if I don't have any skills in mathematics or logic?

You would be surprized how many people actually enjoy programming once they have the opportunity to learn it from a straightforward, well-structured curriculum. With our hand-written learning materials, you can learn programming in a fun way, through practical tasks. If you are interested in programming, it is certainly worth it to give it a go and see whether you really find it enjoyable or not. If you do, then jump right in it, and if you don't, you can quit anytime and look for a subject that appeals more to you.

Can I start anytime or do I have to start the course on a specific date?

One of the great things about our bootcamps is that you can progress together with other students. And for that to happen, you will all start and finish the course at the same time. Application deadline for our next bootcamp: Wednesday 10/14/2020. The course starts on: Monday 10/19/2020.

What is the suggested age for the applicant?

We usually recommend this course for ages 18–60, but our youngest student is 11 and our oldest is 73. Most of our students are 25–35 years old.

Will you have this course in the future too?

We start this course more or less every month.

What kind of tools do I need to learn?

During the course, you will use a browser (e.g. Chrome) and a free text editor specialized for programming. None of these are particularly resource-intensive. An average laptop or desktop computer that is not older than 10 years will serve you well without a problem. You can use any operating system, be it Windows, OS X or Linux.

What happens after I pay the course fees?

You will get a confirmation email with further instructions within 24 hours following your payment.

I have paid for the course, but I didn't get the confirmation email.

Your bank may take up to 1 working day to process your payment, and we take another working day to process it ourselves. It can also happen that the email address you used during the payment process is different from the one you used to log in to our service. If you use the same email address you used during the payment process, you will have access to the course materials. If your problem persists, send us an email to, and we will fix it.


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