CodeBerry School reviews

The material is great and there are individual exercises that if you complete you’ll have real knowledge.

Ashlyn Reed

I made a really good decision when I signed up. Anna is always helpful and she gives great advice and tips. I’ve learnt a lot since I’ve joined.

Danny Mccoy

I like their fast and easy to understand explanations and kind tone.

Joe Lane

The berries were the best. :) I could progress at my own pace and solve the problems alone. I suprised myself by being able to keep up.

I love how they prepared us for the tasks, explaining everything patiently. If we didn't understand something at first, they explained it in an even more understandable way.

Independence. I can complete my tasks any time, so I don't have to have a strict schedule. I also liked the youthful energy of the course. It wasn't oversimplified but everything was still understandable.

The course covers my current fields of interest (angular + node)

The fun, easily understandable videos, and the kind and helpful mentors.

Beginners get easily demotivated if something does not work. Here, we have detailed descriptions and videos for every task. You can progress slower or faster. You don't have to invest much time in it at once.

I really loved the communication style, as it radiates kindness and helpfulness, and it describes the learning materials in an easy-to-understand way.

Your competitors still do offline education despite people having less and less time. I like that CodeBerry has quality learning materials, yet it is online.

Mentoring! I got thorough and giving mentors, thank you for them! I also liked the entertaining and spectacular tasks, the easy-to-understand explanations and the many valuable links. The well-structured modules build on each other. I feel like they hold my hand, and even if it slips, there is always another hand I can grap onto.

The availability of the mentors. I only learned autodidactically before, so I'm glad that I had someone I could ask questions from to get real answers. I also enjoyed the practical examples and tasks that let me try to create things. I've been having great flow-experiences for the last few days. :)

They give ordinary, simple examples that explain the programming assignments, making everything easier to understand.

The well-structured learning materials that were separated into smaller topics. They explained everything, and answered all my questions. I got to practice everything.

Flexibility. I could do my assignments at night or early in the morning when I had time. The price was just right for what I got out of it. Those who want to learn can start here. There are no limitations as with other schools - you don't have to pay back millions if you don't finish your course, because you recognize during the course that you don't like programming.

You can progress at your own pace, for a fixed price. If I go faster, I get more knowledge. The lessons are understandable and interesting. You can have fun with them for hours.

The well-structured learning materials. I really loved assignments that didn't just give you the solution, but the whole thought process behind it (e.g., the wedding website, the about me site). I also liked the chapter titled practicing the basics because it made me understand the logic behind programming.

I loved the concept of the learning materials. We can learn by relying on our own abilities while also feeling that you are holding our hands :D

The curriculum is excellent. Providing this amount of communication is exceptional.

The learning materials were understandable and the mentors were always available on Slack when we didn't understand something.

The simple and unambiguous separation of learning materials, the teamwork and the common chat. I loved it all.

Affordable price for the content, very detailed learning materials full of examples. I learned more about websites here than in my 7+ years in school… Even though these are written materials, and asking questions is also harder than in school (since I need to do more than putting my hand up in the air :D). Congrats on making such a great thing!

These materials can probably be found in many places on the internet, but CodeBerry structures it very well so I can learn all of it in one place, in a great system.

Applicable knowledge with playful assignments and cat gifs. 😊

it was comprehensive and concise. I loved the functions the best

Comprehensive learning materials that build on each other, that all have practical examples. Everybody can understand it, and you can practice it after work since it can be done online.

The course curriculum for weeks 1 through 4. I loved the introduction, they told me where to find everything. We also get a few other helpful things (e.g., read, search, ask, etc.). It was interesting to learn about the basics, and it was a very well-structured course.

I loved the whole course. I'm glad I enrolled. 🙂

These trainings would be beneficial for me in that I could learn more effectively in a community and gain insight into the world of real software development through lifelike projects (so far I’ve only been a freelancer). I can master the curriculum on my own. That’s why I find training expensive and the job they guarantee isn’t important to me either. I believe that a specialized, well-trained IT professional has universal knowledge and can therefore easily get a position according to his level of education. Compared to my current self-taught method, a chatting in writing or on skype with a mentor would be a step forward.

I can choose when and how much to learn.

The curriculum is interactive, I can track my progress, and ask questions in the study groups or from the mentors.

I can learn playfully and everything is understandable. The team is very kind as well. :)

The online curriculum is much more entartaining, and provides more things, like job offers.

Because it is more affordable to pay $49 monthy than to pay many thousands at once for 12 or 24 months.

I like that with CodeBerry, I can learn basically anytime. The main value is that every assigment is understandable clearly, and the curriculum is well-structured. It is a great challenge.

So far, the tone of the course is very inspiring and encouraging, the explanations are understandable, and I especially like the plethora of useful and important websites that you recommend for independent work.

So far, I see the “professional knowledge” behind the school as appropriate. And you pass on this knowledge with appropriate social sensitivity.

A course with understandable, detailed curriculum that can teach things even to those people who are sitting down in front of a computer for the first time.

So far, I only completed the 25 free tests but everything seems to be very understandable.

Firstly, I really liked the trial version, it was completely understandable and interesting. Secondly, in the few days since I signed up, I have received a lot of emails from you that made me think that students are really important to you.

You try to explain and illustrate the curriculum in a simple and understandable way through many practical examples, and that matters a lot to an absolute beginner! :)

I can say the system is well structured, the quick feedback helped me a lot, and the knowledge that professional and very kind, helpful mentors stand by me when I get stuck was great. I could always ask and get the right answer. I felt safe and not alone, especially when the pandemic started in the background. Codeberry was my refuge during the isolation. I loved the mentor program.

I took the excel course and I can recommend it to everyone! I started from scratch and am now moving with complete confidence in the world of spreadsheets 😊. The mentors are very kind, motivating and helpful, the videos are fun and easy to understand. With the weekly assignments, you can practice the given topic very well. I'm so glad I chose CodeBerry. :))

I felt terribly distant from excel, but the course made me like it. The videos were very good, practical, understandable, and simple, and they allowed me to deal with the learning materials at any time. And when I got stuck, I got a quick answer to my questions to solve my problems.

Understandable (digestable), small blocks. Assignments that can be solved independently, explanations with ordinary examples.

It is understandable to beginners as well, and so far I feel that I have gained useful knowledge. The previous school I went to was a Web designer school, where they tried to teach HTML and CSS basics, but there were bugs in their example, it didn’t work. I didn’t get any usable knowledge in this area there (although I did in design and computer graphics). I decided to continue my studies with you because I think that you can create a good website only with full knowledge.

Understandable, simple but professional examples, fun assignments

The explanations are understandable, we can always get help, and they keep us busy. We can only learn programming by practicing it, not from books.

It introduces you to the world of programming, so what seemed such a terrifying and distant, elusive and incomprehensible thing turned out to not be that. It was a positive experience for me and I was very happy to be here.

It is a great course that taught me everything from the basics to the advanced stuff. I only had to pay attention. It was really worth it! 🙂

Gradual and gamified progress that keeps me motivated

Short and easy-to-understand texts, gifs and images on the learning platforms. Friendly environment.

The system is based on gamification, which is amazing. It’s not video-based, but text-based, which is always easy to search. It’s good to have a lot of practical materials that are fun and well-structured didactically as well.

If you want to learn in a self-taught way, you might not know where to start learning to program, as there are plenty of options and specializations on the Internet. Codeberry, gives you the opportunity to see at least one of the many directions. We learn in a team, and there are mentors who help and tasks that motivate me because solving them poses constant challenges.

You explain everything clearly and start with the most important basics so we can build on them later. I had a sense of success from the beginning that made me think, "Hey, I can learn this!"

Utilizable professional knowledge and having my own schedule was great because I have a family and have to work as well. Motivation and many practice-oriented tasks. Continuous assistance and conscious preparation for what awaits the graduates.

That I can learn anywhere, anytime (even during work at my workplace :D)

Yes, in addition to a lot of important knowledge, we also learned some little tricks that speed up our work and are very useful.

Interactive and well-structured. Although I only looked into the content on the free weekend, I came across new and useful things right from the start.

It is well structured, the assignments are great, the chapters are awesome, but I liked the tests best. I already recommended you to my friends.

The search engine optimization of the course is great since this was the first result in Google. I like working at my own pace, for myself. I also liked that you use Slack. :D

It’s good to be able to move at my own pace, the tasks are well put together, the explanations are understandable, and there are example solutions. They are friendly and the chapters are full of positive reinforcement.

Well-sturctured, understandable curriculum, assignments with solutions, friendly communication, great forum...

Well-structured tasks, understandable explanations, everything works properly and the monthly fee also fits my wallet. :-)

The journey is well-structured, and I can deal with the material for 30-50 minutes at a time, stop at any time, and it is easy to continue.

Comfortable, creative, clear. I love the concept and the execution! I'm always looking for free time when I can finally study, and I think that says it all!

As a beginner, I benefited a lot from the course. I’m glad I’m able to build a website on my own after three months.

I can try out programming without a serious commitment.

The curriculum is easy to follow, and the kitten gifs are especially fun :)

Easy-to-follow, interdependent curriculum with lifelike coding tasks. It is inspiring

Thank you for helping me via email with any problem, be it about my subscription or study topics. Conscientious, youthful team, real 'developer' mentality. :)

Friendly tone, a lot of informative learning materials affordably, online courses

Friendly tone, great curriculum, free trial, affordable price. At first it may not be a problem, but at more advanced levels, it really helps if the curriculum is in my native language.

Everything is understandbale as a layman as well, and even the English phrases are translated in parentheses, which helps a lot. My significant other is a programmer, and they sent me the code of their website because they find an error in it, and wanted me to look for it as well. I found it within half a minute, but I couldn't have done it two weeks ago. :)

Cool, friendly, logically structured, helpful pieces of information (and it is quite affordable as well).

It describes step by step what needs to be done. On other pages, I only came across some videos, which was annoying because I didn’t see through the process. Here, in the free package, I immediately understood the structure of a website as the free package allowed.

Most importantly, it is in Hungarian. That is very important for a complete beginner. I speak English, but when I learn programming, I like explanations to be in my native language. When they said the course starts at the beginner level, they were telling the truth.

Everything is explained step by step as we progress to more advanced tasks.

Clear explanations, study materials, exercises and everything is in Hungarian. Plus, a whole host of helpful people who will help if I get stuck.

Logical, transparent presentations that can be stopped and replayed at any time. If I could complete it, it would give me not only knowledge but also confidence to operate a computer.

Lessons are logically structured, and they are completely understandable. I also like that you hone our English skills with the lessons and always offer useful links.

Logically structured curriculum, with the possibility of continuous revision of what has been learned previously. Nice, friendly atmosphere, helpful mentors. Everyone has an equal chance.

It is a logical, understandable, and practice-oriented curriculum, accompanied by an extremely kind and helpful team from CodeBerry.

I could set my own schedule.

Hungarian, interactive, interesting. I was very fascinated by it and I also like the flow experience that it offers :)

Comprehensive education in Hungarian. If something doesn’t work, I can try it again until I succeed. If I have questions, I can ask the fellow students or the staff. I can move at my own pace, there are no mandatory things to do, no exams, but I know I will be able to complete the course and start working when I master everything.

It explains everything in Hungarian. :) It is practical, moves forward in small steps, and doesn't want to hit you with everything at once.

I have just started, but I have already experienced that if I get stuck, I just need to tell someone and they will try to help in a short time :)

During the free weekend I had the opportunity to program and the tasks were good, so I was able to move forward with you. I also have a story for this: I was at a similar course at NetAcademia, where I also learned HTML and CSS, unsuccessfully. My browser didn’t do the HTML like the tutorial did, I missed it and even though there was a chat interface I would have disturbed the class with my question, so I quit. With you, however, it was possible to move forward, and I had a sense of success. Thank you, you restored my faith.

I could pay monthly and progress at my own pace. I don't have to pay the whole fee upfront. I can afford the smaller package at the moment.

Because there are no other online courses, just much more expensive, day-long offline courses.

Because it is all online, and I couldn't do an offline course in addition to caring for children and working. Still, I have the option for someone to help me personally. I missed it on other courses.

Because you can provide the same knowledge in your curriculum cheaper, the fee can be paid monthly, we can move at a pace we like, you provide a mentor, and there are no restrictions so we don't have to take 1-2 lessons a week like at OWT.

I wanted to choose a Hungarian course, even if there are similar courses in English.

Above all, I like the style and grammar. Seriously! It is very hard to find understandable, almost flawless texts on the internet. The learning materials also seem pretty detailed. It is ideal for me that I can make progress at my own pace.

It is motivating! I always feel like continuing is worth it.

The learning material is very enjoyable and illustrative. It gives me a sense of success, but it can also be a challenge in many cases. Very well layered. It moves in small steps, so there is an opportunity for a deeper understanding. We can easily revise anything we have already learned.

I am still a high school student so it was very important for me for it to be online. The whole interface and the mentor-student relationship was very friendly.

It was very useful, it provided new and usable knowledge. It can be done in a few afternoons even if you work. The adult education certificate is a nice bonus as well.

The structure of the modules is very good and I work in English on a daily basis, so it is good that I don't have to translate and interpret it when I'm learning.

I feel that the materials build very well on each other. It takes you through projects, and we get a lot of useful real-life practical information.

The curriculum is very well structured, and understandable. It explains everything.

The youthful atmosphere makes learning very easy. There is a good balance between seriousness and fun.

The important things to know are very nicely described—not just the professional parts, but also the ones that are important in practice (e.g. using Google). I also like that I can move at my own pace.

I really like the curriculum advancing in levels and the structure of the whole system is very practical and creative.

I really like the short lessons, well-sized curriculum, and the helpfulness, and I get really excited about the tasks.

I really like that there are monthly fees and that I can learn the basics of programming step by step. I don’t have to pay upfront for 1 or 2 years, so it’s a wallet-friendly solution and I pay exactly as much as I really need!

I really like that you are "forced" to work independently 😁

Very well edited, well-thought-out, logical themes. Great interface. The main thing is that the schedule is flexible, no matter how hectic my tempo is. There is always a sense of success, i.e., positive affirmation.

You are orders of magnitude cheaper than others, and you are also pragmatic, striking and young! If my teaching internship works out in september, I can start learning with you more actively.

The curriculum was well-structured. As a scholarship holder, I was able to access almost everything, so in addition to my chosen curriculum, I was also able to practice the the things I've already learned.

It is difficult to understand the basics of programming in English. It was easier for me to learn this in Hungarian.

I don't believe in coincidences. I have been thinking for days about what to do with my life, where to go next, when I just saw your ads and the AHA moment came :-)

I didn't find any software development training I could enroll in in any nearby night schools, and I don't have time for any full-time training, so I'm studying online and I found you the most promising.

It was online, and I couldn't learn any other way while caring for my baby.

Collected, well-organized information. I don’t feel like I’ve learned anything yet, but I look forward to what it will be like later.

Honestly? I have a Blackberry phone that I really like... So I love berries...

I can learn at home, at my own pace. (Which is very rhapsodic because I have children)

I can learn from home, and it is very well-illustrated. I can access everything I need from my computer (I use two monitors), and everything is explained in an understandable way.

I can comfortably learn from home, and set my own schedule.

I have exactly the leadership and control I need to move forward. I like that the curriculum is tied up and you can’t get lost. I can complete it alone, even without help. But if I had no experience at all and had to ask, I could do that too.

The difficulty of the tasks is spot on. I have an optimal sense of success.

I searched for programming courses on the web and found you and I was glad to have the opportunity to try a few things for free to see if I would like it at all, without having to commit to something for a large sum of money at once.

It provides organized knowledge that is structured in a very appropriate, logical, and understandable way.

Detailed, simplified explanations which are very important for an absolute beginner.

Short and concise lessons that explain the content of a given code in detail. The material is understandable and easy to interpret.

Learning at my own pace. Access for a monthly fee. Interesting materials. Creative execution.

I can learn at my own pace, but still moving thematically. I study elsewhere in parallel with this course, but your system provides a framework to that as well.

Unique style and attitude, which is very friendly and appealing. The composition and explanation of learning materials are excellent.

It managed to achieve what the school couldn’t do: It made me fall in love with programming

I’ve been dealing a lot lately with innovative solutions in different areas of life. Your solution is very thoughtful and it is all in place. I like your methodology of transfering knowledge.

Diversity, easy-to-understand curriculum, exciting, thought-provoking tasks.

I love the understandable lessons, the tasks that make me work, I love that I don't need to be entirely self-reliant, that I set my own learning schedule, and I like feeling like I belong somewhere. For me, the main value I get is confidence. I can do it too!

I love the design and the trial content, the price seems good as well (and the discounts look even better). The communication's great, active, fast, and helpful.

The website seems great, I could easily start learning, and the introductory class was good. The curriculum is well-structured, I don't have to figure out what modules to do in what order.

Great website, good support system, structure and learning materials.

I liked the price of the course, and that it was possible to learn exclusively online. Having a mentor really convinced me. The website was also very attractive and good-looking.

I found the invitation for the trial tasks really great. :) I also liked that I had the option to try the website so that I know how it will look if I decide to learn here.

I liked that I could access every course for a monthly fee, and I can cancel any time if I don't like it.

I like that I can try the website before subscribing, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee (and this guarantees quality as well)! The explanations, tips and other things under the trial lessons all look great. I also like that I can ask questions if I get stuck, and get professional answers, so I don't have to look for them on a forum.

I literally stumbled upon you while surfing the internet. You got me with your youthful tone, and your restrained, non-demanding offer.

Great idea! I loved the assignments, as they made me immerse myself in the world of website creation.

The teacher was awesome: they explained things well. The videos were great, I could follow them, and since they were short, I could look at them anytime, anywhere. :)

It starts entirely from the ground up, so no prior knowledge is required. The whole thing is simple and logically structured.

It was understandable, even for a beginner.

I liked the structure of the tasks and the fact that I was able to progress with the material even as an absolute beginner.

I like the structure of the course. New things came up pretty gradually. Projects are real, everyday tasks, the solution of which are handed over in an understandable, non-"exaggerated" way.

I liked the theme of the online course, and I could complete the assignments even at work when I had nothing else to do. The price is also friendlier than other courses.

I like this method of communicating with other students and teachers on Slack, and the curriculum is well-worded.

I like that I can really learn from a basic level. I’m glad there are verification tests, so I’m not fooling myself into saying “I already know that, let’s scroll.”

I've tried several pages, but the design of this page and the style won me over. I used to be able to complete a maximum of 1-2 weeks and if I got stuck I didn’t really know how to seek help exactly. The examples are very good, I especially liked the video explaining the floats. What’s especially good is that I feel the site teaches great programming, and how to think like a programmer - it lets us know how to find help if we get stuck. During the lessons, you let go of our hands at the right time: At first, we get an answer relatively easily, later, you let us decide, and then, we have to be completely on our own. On other sites I’ve tried so far I haven’t been able to do this. For example, on one of the sites, I felt like everything was going really well and when the self task came I had no idea what to start with. Learning with Codeberry is very enjoyable, after 1 month (with 1 week off), I am able to create simpler responsive pages with clean HTML + CSS. Furthermore, I had a referral problem that was handled very professionally and kindly. Keep up the good work!

Perfect for a beginner like myself. Understandable, well-structured, and most importantly, not boring. I like that you have to solve smaller tasks from the very beginning, so you don't lose interest, but at the same time, it gives a little sense of success.

I'm learning something new through it. I’ve always been afraid of computing, and I want to change that feeling.

I ran into an article about you somewhere on the internet, but unfortunately I don’t remember the source anymore. I took a note to myself that as soon as my time allows, I should try the free course available.

I found here a warm and enthusiastic team, and the CodeBerry courses represent time well-spent.

I have the possibility to do the course online, without having to go anywhere, but without having to compromise interactivity or receiving feedback.

Applying the theory to the assignments from the projects, with the possibility to check at the end if everything was executed correctly.

The best thing from my point of view is that I can progress at my own pace, that I can go back any time I feel the need for consoldiation.

It's in Romanian and the notions of programming are explained step by step, through examples, without scaring you.

It's a very well-explained course, where I can understand fast and even thought some harder exercises baffle me, they help me evolve very much. I really hope I can become a frontend developer after finishing the CodeBerry courses.

That it's in Romanian. I like the fact that the theory is exemplified to understand their applications and the connections between them.

I like that you make programming easy to understand for those who have no knowledge in this field.

I like how you structured the lessons so they don't seem hard, to not scare/overwhelm a beginner student.

I like that I can make my own study plan. This way I can learn programming without being hindered by the time spent on my actual job.

I really like the way the lessons are strctured, they're easy to understand, and the fact that they have practical parts is a very good way to remember the information you acquired!

I like the friendly manner and the fact that they synthesize the basic notions necessary for every beginner oh HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Practically very easy to assimilate information.

The information is well-strcutured, you can find any detail immediately. I like that you make everything seems fun with the tests from the assignments, the badges, etc. They give me comfort! While I work I have more confidence in myself, in what I can do further.

I like the way the notions are explained in such an accessible way and with real life similarities which make us understand better.